Presentation of La Corchuela

La Corchuela is a hamlet at the foot of Gredos, in the municipality of Oropesa, Toledo, 155km from Madrid.

The project aims to restore a village with the promotion of 28 rural homes and the rehabilitation of 2 additional homes protected for their uniqueness, as well as the launch of a 9-room rural hotel.

All homes will have a different configuration, but will always maintain the same existing architectural aesthetics with rows of exposed brick, gable roof with overhanging Arab tiles, walls with sardinel brick, patios, ponds, etc.

Four plots will be promoted; the first one, Hermana Carmen, with 4 homes to be delivered by the end of 2024, and subsequently, Los Palomeros, Maxi, and Prado Verdejo with the remaining 26 homes.

The project is directed by architect Antonio Ruiz Barbarín, with extensive experience in rural projects, and promoted by Germán Gamazo and his developer Corchuela Estates, who have family ties to this hamlet. It is a personal endeavor of the promoter that the homes have a footprint of no more than 40% on the ground, even though the regulations allow up to 100%, thus prioritizing green areas so that nature is a primary part of this project.

It is also important to note that the land surrounding the 30 homes in the project is owned by the developer Corchuela Estates, for whom it is essential to protect and preserve the project's aesthetics in the long term.

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